The price is for the first day of rental, for extra days you see the options below. Size: 450x320x240 cm Weight: 24.8 kg Packaging: 1 carton with 1 bag for carrying by hand Dim. Box: 72x45x43 cm Warnings in Italian-English-German-Spanish with motor 10 " Maximum weight 135 kg - Max 2-3 Children age 2 10 - YEAR All inclusive: - ENGINE - BAG TRANSPORT - STAKES FOR BERTH IN SOIL - REPAIR KIT (rings for shooting NOT)
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Most colorful of the water park, more exciting del'Acquafun, year Slide Shark impresses no escape with his long climb with waterslide, hot and gun, shoots water valve, tunnels and shooting ... Freshness and fun insured for your kids! Inflatable slide water Shark, Bouncy Castle with long slide, climbing high, tunnels and water cannon shoots. Unlike the other models this water is perfectly usable without water thanks to the kit copriscivolo provided. Ideal for a party or an event, you will be sure to surprise young and old! Its surface is extra strong and is very safe thanks to the protective nets on all sides! - Installation and smotaggio easy and fast, inflates in less than a minute thanks to the electric pump supplied - Including everything and ready for use - When folded size and weight - Excellent quality of materials, small holes not prevent the use - Secured by protective netting and the absence of edges - A natural and healthy way to move your children outdoor Strength and durability guaranteed even in the presence of tears and holes Do not be alarmed if there are small air leaks from the holes of the seams or the joints of our castles, it is normal! Inside the castle are the air chambers (inviibili outside) that provide a homogenous airflow during jumps of your children. The castles can also be used with the presence of large holes up to a couple of centimeters created by foreign objects, there is no danger, and you can fix them with the appropriate pieces of the repair kit supplied. Even the seams can be arranged simply by hand with a needle and strong thread.